2020 probably should be dubbed the year of sanitizer, don't you think?

In the midst of toilet paper runs and Y2K 2.0 prepping, I considered for a moment how produce is handled. If we're so diligent in washing our hands and cleaning surfaces, what about produce? 

I was raised that a simple rub under the water was all produce needed to be cleaned, but if that isn't the way we wash our hands, then why is that the way we wash our produce?

So what are you supposed to do? Using popular surface cleaners isn't a good idea (not that we keep those in our house) as they tend to have a poison control number on them. Probably shouldn't ingest that!

We use this fruit and veggie soak that uses plants to clean my plants in a way that's healthy for my family and gives us a touch of immune system boosting! It's super easy and I keep it by the sink for an easy grab when we get home with our groceries, just a capful in some cold water and soak for a minute or so. After the produce is dry, we put it in clean containers and into the fridge produce drawer for easy grabbing!

Prewashing your produce also gives you a better chance of eating your produce rather than finding your good intentions growing a new ecosystem in the bottom drawer of your fridge sometime in the future... Another tip, keep the produce you intend to snack on or put in lunches where you can see them (i.e., probably not the bottom drawer, I use that drawer for cheese and meat) to increase your chances of eating them!

Want to know more about why you should wash your produce, check out this fun and horrifying article from Mashable!

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